Dlouhodobá placená stáž pro studenty v Aero Vodochody

Publikováno: 16. 11. 2017

AERO Vodochody AEROSPACE a.s. hledá studenta na dlouhodobou spolupráci v rámci projektu Průmysl 4.0.

Industry 4.0 and IoT brings new challenges to traditional ICT area. More and more industrial devices include computers, advanced sensors and smart IT functionalities. We are looking for long term internship (2 – 3 days per week).
Must-have skills

  • student of bachelor or master degree linked with industry (Computer science, Engineering, Electronics, Cybernetics)
  • general knowledge of industrial automation area
  • basic computer skills (PC, LAN, Office)
  • conceptual approach
  • proactivity
  • ability to learn new things
  • English B1

Nice-to-have skills

  • advanced computer skills (servers, security, databases, programming)
  • knowledge of specific industrial automation systems (PLC, SCADA, SIMATIC ...)
  • experience with the topic from different company

Basic tasks

  • centralized map of industrial device with links and dependencies
  • summary of IT properties, functionalities and limitations of devices
  • analysis of technologies and methods of interaction between devices or systems
  • centralize documentation and basic data (contact to support companies ...)

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