General instructions for on-line examinations of English taught courses

Publikováno: 21. 05. 2020

General instructions for on-line examinations of English taught courses at the Faculty of Mechanical Engineering, CTU in Prague.
  • This academic year 2019/20 exams will be conducted online, the examination period is May 25 2020 – July 3, 2020 with possible extension August 24, 2020 – September 11, 2020.

  • Please, be advised that for the online exam you are expected to use necessary equipment: a computer with required software, webcam, microphone, speakers, sufficient data connection and a phone connection in case of network failure. See the details in the Rector's order no. 9 / 2020.

  • It is mandatory to use and regularly check the official email address, it is the only email to which official information will be sent and from which your information will be accepted.

  • Form of examination may vary from course to course, you will obtain the detailed information from your teacher.

  • By registering for a course examination you express your agreement with the method set out for holding the examination.

  • If the exam/test is not completed, the test is automatically classified as grade F (insufficient). This rule does not apply in case of technical problems.

  • The result of the exam will be entered into the KOS information system as soon as possible.
    After publishing the classification in KOS, you have 24 hours to file an objection to the exam organizer or the head of the relevant department. In case of doubt, the head of the department decides. If you do not object, the exam is considered completed and the classification in the KOS information system is valid.

  • The number of exam dates may be limited, you are strongly advised to register for the nearest possible date.

  • We wish you success in the exams.

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