One of the most popular simulation software at CTU

Publikováno: 19. 12. 2019

CTU in Prague through the Department of Management and Economics of the Faculty of Mechanical Engineering is the first university in the Czech Republic which introduces the simulation software FlexSim  into education. One of today's most popular simulation tools. With its help, it is easier to create 3D digital models, especially focused on manufacturing and logistics systems and processes, and then performs the simulation and optimization. FlexSim can be used for example in capacity planning of enterprise resources, identifying and eliminating bottlenecks, designing innovative changes, shortening production times, verification of what-if scenarios or, for example, designing new systems. We spoke briefly to Pavel Scholz from the Department of Enterprise Management and Economics about the new software.

What makes FlexSim software stand out and what will you bring its implementation?

The software fully corresponds to current trends. It allows simulation in a realistic 3D graphical environment, user-friendly interface and especially easy to use. All this allows us to reach a larger spectrum of people, even those who do not have the necessary skills to work with software. Students also acquire the possibility of comparison with other simulation tools. Moreover, unlike other similar tools, FlexSim, thanks to its versatility, enables application in many different areas not only in manufacturing (mechanical engineering, food industry, …) and logistics but also in services, ICT, healthcare, ...

When are you considering software implementation in education?

Full implementation is planned in the summer semester of this academic year in the course Computer simulation in manufacturing. Here, students will have the opportunity to experience working with software on practical examples. If time permits, we would also like to conduct a pilot workshop for several students who had the course last year.

The software was funded by the InterMarium Foundation. What do you expect this grant will bring to you in the future?

One of the aims of the foundation is to interconnect subjects from the academic and commercial spheres and that is one of the reasons why we finally decided to cooperate with the foundation. This gives us an opportunity for further development and new cooperation. We have already had the opportunity to participate in the preparation and submission of an international project with several European universities and we believe there will be other opportunities.

Why CTU in Prague, respectively the Department of Enterprise Management and Economics at our faculty?

We were addressed based on a research article that we wrote in the past. I must confess that at that time, we never thought that it would have such a benefit in the future. This can be seen as an appreciation of our work. However, it wasn't as simple as it looks. To acquire the software required quite a lot of effort and patience in the negotiations, for which we would like to thank everyone involved.

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