Science and Research Department

budovy/orientace_Dejvice/EN/pudorys_2015_vav_EN.pngThe department for Science and Research is in the ground floor of Faculty of Mechanical Engineering in Dejvice, Technická street 4, Prague 6.

As you go enter the main entrance, go through the hall, turn left, go through the silver door and turn left at the end of the corridor into a corridor A1, The first door on your right will be number 15 and there you find the officer for doctoral studies.

given name and surename
departmentpositionphoneroom (building)
Ing. Alena Černá
(Alena.Cerna (at)
12921phone: (22 435) 5601A1-13 (Dejvice)
Ing. Milan Haninger, CSc.
(Milan.Haninger (at)
12921phone: (22 435) 5604A1-5 (Dejvice)
Mgr. Sylva Ondrejičková, Th.D.
(Sylva.Ondrejickova (at)
12921phone: (22 435) 5042A1-15 (Dejvice)
Mgr. Lenka Pilátová
(Lenka.Pilatova (at)
12921phone: (22 435) 9831A1-13 (Dejvice)
Mgr. Miroslav Špaňhel
(Miroslav.Spanhel (at)
12921Head of department / Science and Research Department / Faculty of Mechanical Engineering
Board Member / Faculty of Mechanical Engineering
phone: (22 435) 9751A1-14 (Dejvice)
Mgr. Zdeňka Šulcová
(Zdenka.Sulcova (at)
12921phone: (22 435) 5602A1-13 (Dejvice)
Ing. František Vincenc
(Frantisek.Vincenc (at)
12921phone: (22 435) 5604A1-5 (Dejvice)
Ing. Pavel Zácha, Ph.D.
(Pavel.Zacha (at)
Information manager / Department of Energy Engineering / Faculty of Mechanical Engineering
Subnet manager / Department of Energy Engineering / Faculty of Mechanical Engineering
phone: (22 435) 9809G3-126 (Dejvice)