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Application form for PhD study
PhD Thesis Topics
Application Form for Recognition of Ph.D. Documents

Are you wondering about Ph.D. study

1) Read general information

In general, candidates for doctoral degree programmes at CTU have to choose the branch of study according to their specialization before the submission of their application for study. Applications for study should be submitted to the Dean's office of the faculty. There are usually two rounds of applications per year. Candidate must specify, the branch of study, the intended doctoral thesis topic and the intended supervisor, which has to be chosen from the offer presented at web pages of the Faculty.

Faculty of Mechanical Engineering (FME) – PhD Study Information and Rules

2) Observe the above mentioned rules and find a proper field of study and an intended doctoral thesis theme

Faculty of Mechanical Engineering (FME) – Doctoral study programme and fields of study

List of doctoral thesis topics

3) Contact the FME S&R Department by sending a message featuring

  • your brief CV and documentation (list of courses, Master thesis theme) stating attained education (Master’s degree graduation needed!);
  • intended field of study;
  • intended thesis theme – chosen from the mentioned list (important!);
  • language of study – in English, in Czech;
  • form of study – full-time, part-time;
  • the source of financing – self-financed, a scholarship (which type, grantor of the scholarship – e.g. homeland government scholarship);
  • supposed date of beginning of study – annually there are two rounds of applications with deadlines at the end of April and at the end of October – self-financing applicants can apply for enrolment and start their studies in an individual time;

to the following address:

The message in an electronic form can use the standard format of the application form.

4) We shall contact the relevant faculty department and the supervisor to get a confirmation of availability of the chosen thesis topic.

We shall inform you about the result and send you information about the date of the closest deadline for submitting the application for study. (Self-financing students can start their studies in an individual time.)

5) Application submitting

After pre-arranging and confirming the thesis theme, you have to submit your application for study in writing (1 copy with personal signature):

  • in the standardized form
  • with compulsory enclosures:
    • a detailed CV;
    • the documentation of attained education (Bachelor’s and Master's degree diploma, list of courses taken and grades achieved in Bachelor and Master study programs);
    • a summary of published works and other results of professional / research activities (Master thesis theme and its outline, list of publications, areas of work).
      (Originals or officially certified copies of the education documentation are needed for the presentation at the entrance exam. It is possible to substitute them by electronic copies during the application process.)
  • to the address:
    Czech Technical University in Prague
    Faculty of Mechanical Engineering
    Science & Research Department
    Technická 4
    166 07 Praha 6
    Czech Republic

6) Entrance examination

On the basis of the application the competent branch board will organize the entrance examination.

The objective of the admission procedure is to determine the applicant’s ability for studying in a doctoral study program, to prove the applicant’s independent creative activities and to determine the adequacy of her/his professional knowledge. These requisites are verified in the entrance examination, which includes also a discussion of the dissertation topic and project. Also the sufficient knowledge of the chosen study language is proved during the entrance examination. The candidate uses the chosen language in all parts of the entrance examination.

The exam will take place approximately one month after the deadline for applications admitting and all applicants will be informed by mail.

The decision on admitting or not admitting will be sent to applicants within 14 days from the date of the entrance exam.