The most Significant Interactions with the Non-Academic application / Corporate Sphere

GE Aviation – has a collaborative contract with FME and uses a comprehensive testing infrastructure of ground (dynamometric, core, propeller) and flying test cells for the new generation of turboprop engines.

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ŠKODA Auto – cooperation in thermodynamic engine simulations, modeling of cycles of vehicles of all drives, gearboxes, internal and external aerodynamics, development of production technologies, etc.

Article about cooperation with Dpt.12120Article about cooperation with Dpt.12133

Doosan Group – numerical modeling of flow in turbines and their parts, study on new CO2 power cycle for WHR application

Article about cooperation with Dpt.12101Article about cooperation with Dpt.12115

Unipetrol – R&D of machines and apparatuses in new and existing petrochemical and refinery production and new technologies of raw materials recovery

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Carl Zeiss – development of automated quality inspection systems for automotive, aerospace, transportation, medical and energy industries. It includes inspection plans, CMM programming, R&D of task specific fixtures and verification of the whole measurement process for serial production.

Gamma Technologies (USA) – collaboration in research/commercial development/use of GT-Suite software, a global leader in the field of simulation of internal combustion engines and drive chains.

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Tajmac-ZPS – R&D of new concepts of machine tools, e.g. patented principle for multi-spindle lathes with productivity increase of 75% or cable based mechatronic stiffness for portal machine tools.

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Compo Tech PLUS – co-realization of composite structures with high-performance stiffness and strength parameters, e.g. construction of light frame of composite bicycle

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ProSpon – R&D of all large joint replacements in cooperation with clinical practice, cooperation in the introduction of implants, testing of 3D printing materials from biocompatible titanium alloys

Brano – regular innovative brainstorming for finding new areas of cooperation with FME. Typical result is a worldwide patent protection solution. E.g. front cover of the car, damper with degressive characteristic.

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