Computing Services Centre

IT Services Department (to be found as well under Czech abbreviation CPS).

CPS has its main offices in Dejvice, 2nd floor, block A1 and C1 (side entrance staircase), a small branch is also at Karlovo Náměstí, 4th floor of building A. Go to Kontakty CPS to see the staff list and submit your requests Helpdesk.

This page will also inform you about the variety of services provided by CPS, their description, settings, and important information.

Serverové služby

  • Autorizace, hesla ... authorisation of users, logins and passwords
  • DUPS ... setting of services, e-mail and other user accounts
  • E-mail ... users' e-mails, portal, mailing servers
  • Skupiny ... group users (group e-mails, rights, space)
  • KOS ... support for Study Components, faculty interface
  • Úložiště (FSH) ... document storage, personal websites
  • Sharepoint (DMS) ... document management system
  • Fórum ... a space for discussion, question and answers
  • Avit ... archive of lectures
  • Výpočetní servery ... servers for complex calculations

Infrastructure of computer network

Operation of common rooms and space

User suport

  • Helpdesk ... user support and their requests
  • AV technika ... AV and presentation technology
  • Software ... providing and arranging common software
  • zprostředkování nákupu výpočetní techniky