National Centres of Competence

CTU in Prague is the main candidate in these National Centers of Competence:

TN01000024 National Competence Center - Cybernetics and Artificial Intelligence

prof. Ing. Vladimír Mařík, DrSc., dr. h. c.;
For Faculty of Mechanical Engineering: Ing. Petr Kolář, Ph.D.;

The project National Competence Centre – Cybernetics and Artificial Intelligence (NCK KUI) aims  to create a new platform of Cybernetics and Artificial Intelligence  that synergistically combines excellent research and application-oriented centers in the areas of robotics and cybernetics for Industry 4.0, „Smart Cities“, intelligent transport systems and cyber security. Linking existing innovation leaders (research centres, industry partners) the potential and efficiency of apllied research for key national sectors such as advanced technologies for a globally competitive industry (Industry 4.0), communication and information technology development and 21st century transport systems will increase. Due to NCK KUI close link to the application sector there will be an interdisciplinary collaboration, innovation and technology transfer.

CTU , The Faculty of Mechanical Engineering  is involved in the NCK KUI in three so – called subprojects. The team of Department of Mechanics, Biomechanics and Mechatronics, Department of Production Machines and Equipment (Research Center of Manufacturing Technology) and ŠKODA AUTO a.s. is working on an automatic assembly of threaded joints by industrial robots. The technology Plug – and – work  integration  of laser units into multifunctional OS is under RCMT and LaserTherm spol. s r.o. work. SW integration at the level of machine control and laser unit and CAM preparation of production process is also related to the topic. The team of the Department of Instrumentation and Control Engineering  together with PT SOLUTIONS WORLDWIDE spol. s r.o. and ZAT a.s. solves the modeling and management of complex industrial applications in engineering and power engineering. All these tasks will result in practical implementation in the above mentioned companies.

TN01000026 Josef Bozek National Center of Competence for Surface Vehicles

prof. Ing. Jan Macek, DrSc., FEng.;

The main project goal addresses R&D for the future mobility tools as road and rail vehicles connected and networked by the transport systems, taking into account both the strategic research results for the decisive economy spheres of the CR and immediate goals of industry. Competitiveness at global market need to be increased. The means for the achievement is the establishment of inter-sectoral consortium for a long-term synergic collaboration among academia, industry, private research, SMEs and testing companies, focused on the decisive issues of the future vehicle and mobility markets.

CTU in Prague is the candidate in these National Centers of Competence:

TN01000007 National Centre for Energy

prof. Ing. Michal Kolovratník, CSc.;
doc. Ing. Jan Hrdlička, Ph.D.;  

The objective of the National Centre for Energy (NCE) is to stimulate long-term cooperation among the leading research organizations and major application entities in the power industry. This way, unique infrastructures and know-how of expert teams of the existing research centres will be shared through the implementation of applied research sub-projects. The research agenda of NCE is in line with the National RIS3 Strategy and focuses on Efficiency, reliability and safety of energy units, Alternative sources of energy and waste, Power grids.

TN01000008 Center of electron and photonic optics

doc. Ing. Jan Hošek, Ph.D.;

The Center for Electron and Photon Optics associates research institutions and manufacturing enterprises in the Czech Republic with a focus on field of electron and photon optics. A Consortium consists of 9 academic institutions and 4 commercial companies and the CTU in Prague plays there an important role as a member of three sub-projects in field of development of structural, material and technological basis in advanced opto-mechanical applications, advanced alignment methods of the opto-mechanical systems and optics and optical layers for power laser technologies.

TN01000015 National Centre of Competence ENGINEERING

Ing. Jan Smolík, Ph.D.;

National Centre of Competence Engineering (NCCE) is focused on R&D&I activities necessary for enhancing the competitiveness of the CR engineering industry in the medium and light industry segments. Its aim is, through the joint implementation of applied R&D, to boost and further develop the cooperation of businesses and the research organisations. The NCCE will address issues and topics important for future machinery innovations. Its focus will be on increasing the performance and precision of machinery, reducing energy intensity, production process automation, cost optimisation and reflecting the trends of Industry 4.0.

The faculty team works in cooperation with leading Czech manufacturers of machine tools (TOS VARNSDORF a.s.; TOSHULIN, a.s.; TAJMAC-ZPS, a.s.; KOVOSVIT MAS Machine Tools, a.s.; ŠKODA MACHINE TOOL a.s.; TOS KUŘIM - OS, a.s.) partial projects focused on the design and management of production machines and in the field of machining technology. The project results will be the concrete solutions offered by companies to end customers.

TN01000029 National Competence Centre for Aeronautics and Space

prof. Dr. Ing. Tomáš Vampola;

The National Competence Centre for Aeronautics and Space (NaCCAS) was established with the aim of concentrating and efficiently using R&D capacities of three top participating research organisations and seven progressive and innovative high-tech aviation and space enterprises. The structure of the consortium will ensure a high degree of intersectoral collaboration and interdisciplinarity. The research activities will lead to higher revenues from commercialisation thanks to direct transfer of knowledge and application of the results and technologies developed in relevant industries.

TN01000071 National Competence Centre of Mechatronics and Smart Technologies for Mechanical Engineering

Ing. Pavel Steinbauer, Ph.D.,


Main aim for establishing NCC is to enhance complex model of efficient cooperation of RO departments and development capacities of businesses for growth of technological competence in the area of smart components and technologies. Results of R&D will bring new and innovated production of smart components and systems which can be utilized in several technical areas. These are especially industrial plants in machinery and processing industries, logistics and power industry. NCC will be a partner for new concepts of machinery and system design. At the same time, NCC will cover several potential applications for non-industrial fields (medicine diagnostics, implants, etc.).