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Prospective students

How to become a top engineer in mechanical engineering?

Gain a good theoretical knowledge while studying:choose .
Deepen your knowledge further in master degree programme , field Environmental Engineering or a follow-up master degree programme Intelligent buildings.

The field Environmental engineeering wil prepare you to work in:

  • the development and innovation of machines and equipment for Environmental Engineering,
  • projecting air conditioning and heating equipment,
  • the supply and implementation companies,
  • operational and service area and you can also perform different positions in investment departments,
  • the sanitary service and in the departments of environmental protection administration.

The field Intelligent buildings will give you opportunity to:

  • get a broad cross-sectional overview in the areas of construction, building equipment and power, control and information systems,
  • get a job in architectural studios in the conceptual design of buildings and in addressing common needs of the optimum indoor environment,
  • find suitable positions in the management and operation of buildings and facilities for Environment Engineering of large buildings and in the companies focused on facility management,
  • work in project management, coordinating and advisory activities and research and development of technologies for IB
  • find suitable job in construction and operation of buildings which are energetically, economically and functionally effective,
  • find suitable job in the supply and installation companies in the field of environmental engineering and facilities for environment engineering where you can also participate in preparing events, in the management and supply of assembly work on construction sites,
  • find suitable job in the state administration (building offices, state supervision - environment hygiene).