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Research Activities

Heating and preparation of hot water

  • heating system,
  • hydraulics and control of heating systems,
  • radiant and industrial heating,
  • heating surfaces,
  • heat supply,
  • preparation of hot water,
  • sanitary equipment and installation.

Ventilation and air conditioning

  • air treatment,
  • assessment of thermal environments
  • comfort air conditioning systems,
  • industrial ventilation systems,
  • low-energy cooling of buildings,
  • assessing ventilation and air conditioning equipment,
  • energy consumption of air conditioning systems,
  • flow laboratory.

Alternative sources of energy

  • solar thermal technology,
  • heat pumps,
  • laboratory testing of solar collectors,
  • operational monitoring and assessment of systems with renewable heat sources,
  • utilization of renewable energy sources for energy efficient buildings,
  • utilization of waste heat,
  • Solar Laboratory (SOLAB).

Reducing noise and vibration

  • passive noise abatement measures,
  • methods of noise reduction equipment,
  • noise laboratory,
  • evaluation of machine noise and noise abatement measures.

Air protection

  • separation of solid emissions,
  • filtering,
  • emission measurements,
  • assessment of air pollution,
  • clean rooms.

Simulation of buildings and systems

  • Energy simulation calculations of buildings,
  • simulation solutions for technical systems of building,
  • computerized fluid dynamics CFD,
  • street comfort.