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Human, environment, energy

Department of Environmental Engineering follows the work of the Institute of Heating and Ventilation, established at the Faculty of Mechanical Engineering in 1937. After 1945, the Department was renamed to the Department of Thermal and Healthcare Engineering and later to the Department of Thermal Engineering and HVAC. In 1970 the department changed the name again to the Institute of Environmental Engineering and finally in 1998 became the Department of Environmental Engineering. Since 1951 the Department has raised graduates mainly for professions focused on ventilation and air-conditioning, heating, heat supply and air protection from emissions of particulate pollutants. Thanks to Prof. Ing. Dr. John Pulkrábek the curriculum included teaching a wider topic of human protection in the environment. The Department currently operates in both basic and professional studies at the Faculty of Mechanical Engineering.

The curriculum of basic studies is common for all and deeper specialization in some of the areas is based on the choice of optional subjects and a diploma thesis. Graduates find jobs in construction and design offices of manufacturing companies, design studios, in developmental institutions, in management positions in manufacturing and engineering facilities as well in operation of facilities for environment engineering. They can be employed also in state control organizations (Czech Environmental Inspectorate, State Energy Inspection, Water Management Inspection, Sanitary Inspection and State Occupational Safety Inspection, district offices).

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