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Analysis of indoor environment of buildings

We perform measurements of heat-humidity indoor environment, evaluation of indoor environment, air quality, quality of ventilation, measuring and assessing the risk of drafts, etc.

Noise measurements in laboratory conditions and in the municipal sector

We perform measurements of machinery noise in experimental conditions (noise chamber) and outdoor. We also carry out measurements in the working and living environment. Evaluation of noise pollution from machinery. We carry out design studies and expert opinion on noise of devices and facilities for environmental engineering.

Performance measurement of devices and experimental verification of elements 

Performance measurement of devices for environmental engineering (heat exchangers, fans, radiators), measurement of pressure loss, measuring sound power levels of devices for environmental engineering. Measurements of air conditioners and air distribution.

Non-contact temperature measurement - thermovision

We provide mapping surface temperatures in relation to production quality control (defectoscopy), quality control of construction of buildings (thermal bridges) and operating characteristics of processes (machining and casting processes, load cycles of combustion engines, special applications in the food industry, healthcare, etc.). Measurement of zone of very high temperatures (2000 °C).

Thermal and operational characteristics of heating surfaces 

Measurement of heat output of radiators, determining the dynamic behavior of heating surfaces (periods of inertia of flow and cooling, the impact of regulatory intervention on achieved thermal power). Design of heating surfaces. Use of heating surfaces for cooling - Hybrid radiators.

Monitoring buildings and air conditioning systems

In cooperation with the buildings operators we provide operational monitoring of energy systems of buildings and subsequent analysis of their operation in order to reduce energy consumption. We also focus on optimizing the operation of air conditioning systems, data analysis, evaluation of energy monitoring, assistance when installing measuring and monitoring. Solving problems with the indoor environment, operation of ventilation and air conditioning, sources of heat and cold, heating in factories and industrial sites.

Measuring emissions 

Measurement of sequestering ability to filter materials, dust measurements in indoor environments using counter of particle, sized sampling of emissions and control of pollution operation of air cleaners.

Tests of solar thermal collectors 

In cooperation with a partner department we test the performance and reliability of solar collectors in the site or in the laboratory. We focus primarily on the integration of solar collectors into the building envelope, energy evaluation of solar collectors and systems, development and mathematical modeling of solar collectors and systems, simulation studies and analysis of solar energy systems and advanced systems with renewable sources of heat.