Mathematical Modelling in Engineering

what will you learn?

zamereni_studia/teoreticke_discipliny/teorie_07.pngAs a graduate of this programme you will become a specialist in mathematical solving of problems regarding continuum mechanics focusing on the mechanics of the environment. Also, you will be able to creatively apply the knowledge of theoretical mechanics, theory of elasticity, fluid mechanics, thermomechanics, mathematical modelling and biomechanics; you will master the issue of construction of mathematical models to analyse the dynamics of systems, synthesis and design of mechanisms, optimal dimensioning of machine components, determining the lifetime of machinery and checking their reliability. You will be able to solve challenging stationary and non-stationary internal and external mechanics of compressible and incompressible fluids, theory of thermal calculations of machinery and equipment. You will gain knowledge in the management of mechanical systems for active influence on their properties in mechatronics.

Future career

You will find suitable jobs wherever it is necessary to use mathematical and physical models and where models are used to obtain information about behaviour in reality. Thus you might be a valuable member of research and development teams and for example in the area of managing and modelling complex processes.