Biomechanics and Medical Instruments

zamereni_studia/biomechanika/bio_02.jpgWhat will you learn?

As graduates of this programme you will be able to creatively apply the knowledge of theoretical mechanics, theory of elasticity, fluid mechanics, thermomechanics, mathematical modelling and biomechanics, both in research and development and practical implementation of procedures. You will get familiar with the medical issues, learn about the operation of diagnostic and therapeutic departments in hospitals.

Future career

As graduates from this programme you become skilled professionals in the field of Biomechanics (musculoskeletal and cardiovascular system) or designers of medical apparatuses, replacements of organs, rehabilitation aids and equipment for social paediatrics. You can also ensure the operation of devices in healthcare institutions guaranteeing their technical and security parameters and perform analysis measurements. You can find application in a wide range of workplaces from manufacturing enterprises through research facilities to the companies selling medical equipment.