Time schedule of the Graduation Ceremony (March 2023)

Published: 20. 02. 2023

Time schedule of the Graduation Ceremony CTU in Prague, Faculty of Mechanical Engineering will take place on March 17, 2023  in Betlémská kaple, Prague 1

10:00 Bachelor Study Programme
            Master Study Programme
Instructions for the Graduation Ceremony of the Graduates of the Faculty of Mechanical Engineering of the Czech Technical University in Prague.
The Graduation ceremony of the Graduates of the Faculty of Mechanical Engineering of the CTU in Prague takes place on Friday, March 17,2023 , at 10.00 a.m in the Betlehem’s Chapel, Prague 1, Betlehem Square.
The meeting of the Graduates is at least 1 hour before the starting of the Graduation Ceremony in the Bethlem‘s Chapel.
The Graduates for the ceremony opening will be lined up by the assistants. All the Graduates are required to stay in the designated order as diplomas will be awarded according to this order. The Graduates enter the reserved places as instructed and remain standing up.  After arrival of the presidency and guests, the Czech national anthem will be played. Everyone will sit down after the anthem ended. The next programme is held as follows:
  • Opening and  welcome of the guests
  • Vice-Rector’s (Rector‘s) speech
  • Music insert
  • Vice-Dean’s speech
  • Making a promise
  • Taking a vow for the CTU insignia and handing over diplomas
  • A speech of a representative of the Graduates
  • Conclusion

 After the Ceremony, the presidency leaves the first, followed by the Graduates. We do expect that all the involved, through voluntary and conscious discipline, will contribute to the success of the celebration and to represent well  the University and its  personal. We ask all the Graduates to be punctual!
Guests are kindly requested to take their seats at least 15 minutes before the starting of the ceremony. With regard to the dignity of the ceremony formal dresscode is assumed both for the Graduates and guests.
The participation of children under the age of 6 is completely inappropriate so that to avoid the act disturbing. The ceremony act can be disrupted by making individual photographies. Photographic service is provided by a professional organization.
The cloakroom is stored the opposite side of the main entrance, (the queue is expected).
We do ask all the Graduates to share these instructions with their guests!