WeldPrint and Hybrid Manufacturing technology

Published: 25. 02. 2021

Kovosvit MAS in cooperation with RCMT (Faculty of Mechanical Engineering of CTU in Prague) has already developed a second hybrid machine with business name WeldPrint. It concerns metal 3D printing technology fully developed in Czech Republic. This technology belongs to the category of Hybrid Manufacturing (HM). It allows manufacturing metal parts by wire-arc welding and milling in one workspace with significantly lower costs compared to other metal 3D printing technologies. New machine will be more affordable than its predecessor due to lower purchase price.
Main features of the machine Technological capabilities
  • Hybrid technology – combination of material addition and splinter machining
  • The machine allows for creating, welding, and machining sections of weight up to 400 kg with maximum dimensions Ø500×475 mm
  • The filler material is in the form of a wire using modified MIG/MAG technology
  • The machine is in a five-axis design that is conceptually based on a vertical machining centre
  • Control system Siemens SINUMERIK 840Dsl including integrated additive technology
  • The first developed machine of this concept in the CR
pracoviste/12135/weldprint/WP2_web.jpgWe can find application in the area of processing standard structural materials for regular engineering (machinebuilding, tool-making, energy equipment, military applications, transport equipment, prototype production, repair works). The main focus is especially on the processing of structural, stainless, fine-grained, and abrasion-resistant steels. The technology allows for processing also top materials, which are available in the form of welding wires.
Aditive manufacturing – Technological advantages
  • pracoviste/12135/weldprint/JLD0083_w.jpgLow costs for section creation ⇒ against the competing technologies utilising the principle of Laser Cladding,
  • we are significantly less expensive
  • The new technology allows for viewing the semi-finished product as a dynamic, changing object
  • Industry 4.0 ⇒ the machine is ready for providing data for the corporate information system
  • Exclusion of the human factor during depositing and welding operations ⇒ Securing the stability in section quality
  • Possibility of utilising the machine as a conventional machining centre, namely without limitations ⇒ decreasing the
  • risk of machine staying idle
  • Monitoring of the entire depositing and machining process ⇒ 100% trackability of the technology parameters,
  • repeatable quality
  • Monitoring of the working space with a thermal camera ⇒ deposit temperature checking
  • Monitoring of the working process with a camera ⇒ image transmission to an integrated touch screen
  • Integrated touch screen ⇒ monitoring, documenting, and analysing the process parameters
Research Center of Manufacturing Technology | RCMT
RCMT is a highly professional research and educational institution, which uses its state-of-the-art equipment to provide services to the industry of cutting and forming machines. RCMT is the main research base for manufacturing technology in the Czech Republic. Cooperation with the industry is among RCMT’s core activities.
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