WAVE – our way to energy

Published: 12. 02. 2021

The WAVE micro-power-plant is the only device that brings its price back thanks to energy savings during the time of its use. As the final result, the users get heat only for the price of the fuel.

The WAVE micro cogeneration device is a fully automatic biomass boiler with ancillary electricity production. While common boilers consume electricity for their operation, the WAVE unit produces electricity for its own operation and it is able to supply the excess electricity to the connected building, or supply network.

The whole concept is known as combined production of electricity and heat (CHP) or cogeneration, respective micro cogeneration in small scale. The advantage of CHP is the fact that part of the heat energy released by burning biomass is used for transformation into a qualitatively superior form – electric energy. The electricity production is realised using an organic Rankine Cycle (ORC), which is cooled by heating water meant for heating.

The project of the Wave 120 micro powerplant development, taking place in the University Centre for Energy Efficient Building CTU in Prague got remarkably close to the phase of its real market introduction.
Official measurement confirmed that the device reached parameters necessary to obtain the so called

Ecodesign and could be installed in almost all of the European Union. The WAVE 120 micro powerplant meets all requirements of the EU Commission directive for biomass cogeneration units. More about Ecodesign find here:

The idea to build the facility originated at the Department of Energy Engineering of Faculty of Mechanical Engineering CTU in Prague. After ten years of research and development, the micro-power-plant is fully working and ready for operation in various conditions. The power plant is equipped with a number of automated features and it is virtually maintenance-free. 

Application of this modern energy source with the heat output of 120 kW will be possible e.g. in boarding houses, in hotels, on farms, in blocks of flats or in wellness centers. The micro-power-plant can be adjusted so that it is absolutely independent of the distribution network; thanks to this possibility, it can be operated virtually anywhere.

This type of device can also become a very good technological base for the expansion of the Smart Grid solutions which are power electric as well as communication networks that allow for controlling the consumption and production of energy in real time.

Three years ago, the device was also recognized by the expert jury in the E.ON Energy Globe contest.