Presentation skills e-learning course

Presentation skills e-learning course in Czech/English

Personal presentation
Every time more and more people are becoming interested in presentation skills. The reason is that people today communicate with more and more partners using telephone and e-mail, which reduces the space for personal meetings and presentation, which thus must be much more efficient than before. Ideal, and in fact the only, chance (if you leave out the life presentation on TV or radio) to personally reach more people at the same time is a personal presentation in front of a group of listeners. The practice of this skill is quite expensive, so therefore we prepared a course called "Presentation Skills" as an e-learning module in a bilingual format Czech / English.

Course content
Module content is organized into 5 units. The first three short lessons ask fundamental questions about the reason for the presentation, its audience and content. Their answer is an ideal starting position to improve presentation techniques described in the lesson "How I present" and in the final lesson of nonverbal influences. The very end of the course consists of a short test that allows graduates to obtain basic feedback on how much of the given information they remember.

  1. Why I present
  2. To whom I present
  3. What I present
  4. How I present
  5. Nonverbal factors

The lessons of the course follow in consecutive series, each screen is indicated by the number of position in the whole, and therefore you will always know in which part of the course you are. Moreover, to move in the course you can also use active content, which is displayed in the upper right corner and its items act as links automatically.

See the course of presentation skills here (Adobe Flash Player is required).