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Prospective students

Study programmes

Master study programme Mathematical Modelling in Engineering

Mathematical Modelling in Engineering in the master study programme is perfect for those who are interested in dealing with technical issues by means of mathematical models and modern computer simulations. The rapid development of computer technology allows more comprehensive simulations, which are now beginning to be more frequent in mechanical engineering, environmental protection, medicine and in many other fields. Students gain theoretical and practical skills which help them to use and modify commercial and free software (ANSYS Fluent, OpenFOAM) and to develop their own computer codes. Students deal with specific engineering issues like flow in nozzles or turbines, flow in atmospheric boundary layers, flow in blood vessels and other issues.

Doctoral programme

The field of study Mathematical and Physical Engineering in the doctoral study programme extends and deepens the knowledge gained in the master study programme Mathematical Modelling in Engineering and similar programmes. It is also suitable for students, who obtained their master degree in the field of mathematics or physics. Courses and projects are prepared and supervised in cooperation with leading experts from other universities and institutes of the Academy of Sciences and they are usually focused on specific issues from direct collaboration with industry or from various grant projects. The department can also arrange short stays for prospective students (Von Karman Institute in Brussels) as well as joint doctoral study with foreign partners (VKI in Brussels, University Paris 13, University Toulon). Our former PhD students successfully defended their theses in joint study with University Marseille, University Toulon, ULB Brussels, VKI Brussels. The defence of joint study with University Paris 13 is in progress.

Our graduates are recognized as highly educated experts employed by MBtech Bohemia, Škoda Auto, Ricardo Prague, Doosan Škoda Power, Honeywell, PBS ENERGO, VKI Brussels, Swell, Porsche Engineering, Techsoft, etc.