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Bachelor's degree programme Theoretical fundamentals of mechanical engineering

Are you interested in technology, but rather than designing and manufacturing products yourself, would you like to manage the industrial enterprises and processes that produce them? Do you have a clear vision of being an engineer and do you want to specialize in managerial-economic applications in technology? Even a generalized can be a good start to your journey.

A general and theoretically focused program for future engineers with management-economic compulsory and compulsory optional courses. Possibility to advance to the follow-up study branch (master degree programme) without entrance examination – necessary to pass the selected exams at the more difficult level of A (alpha). Theoretical fundamentals of mechanical engineering is three-year bachelor study program.

Management-economic compulsory and compulsory optional courses:

  • 3. semester: 2013066; E ZST; Fundamentals of stochastics; 0+2; a; 2 kr
  • 4. semester: 2383020; E MŘPP; Modern management of businesses and projects; 0+2; a; 2 kr
  • 5. semester: 2381006; E OPR1; Methods and Tools for Managerial Decision Making; 2+2; a,ex; 4 kr
  • 5. semester: 2382121; E OP1; Branch Project I.; 0+2; ga; 2 kr
  • 6. semester: 2382122; O OP2; Branch Project II.; 0+2; ga; 4 kr
  • 6. semester: 2383992; O BP; Bachelor Thesis; 0+8; a; 8 kr

Bachelor's degree programme Production and economics in engineering

Field Technology, materials and economy in engineering

The , with field Technology, materials and economy in engineering, is possible to study from the 2nd year after successful completion of the 1st year of the bachelor's . This programme is primarily intended for those who want to get a bachelor's degree (Bc.) as quickly as possible. In his curriculum, there are more practically oriented subjects focused on economics, management of industrial enterprises, but also on production technology and technical materials. And less theoretical subjects. Graduates of this Bachelor's degree programme are professionally well prepared to tackle specified problems in practice. Synthesis of expertise of management, economic and technological nature allows the graduates to address the economic, operational and management roles in production, both in large enterprises and small companies.

It is possible to pass selected exams at a less difficult Beta level. Progress to the follow-up Master's degree programme Industrial Systems Management is only possible after successful completion of the admission procedure. The Bachelor's degree programme Production and economics in engineering is three-year study program.

Master's degree programme Industrial Systems Management

The new Master's degree program Industrial Systems Management complements the portfolio of specializations offered by the Faculty of Mechanical Engineering with a key role in ensuring the long-term competitiveness of Czech industry. The program is based on a consistent interconnection of economic, managerial and technical knowledge and skills, as a perfect understanding of the technical aspects of business processes, projects and innovations is a prerequisite for their effective management. It also develops IT skills as a reflection of the challenges of implementing Industry 4.0 and modern technologies in general. The Master degree program Industrial Systems Management is two-year study programme.

The follow-up master's study is intended for graduates of technical and technical-economic bachelor study programs. Their existing knowledge is further enhanced in the areas of business process management, data analysis and management decision making. The field prepares qualified specialists for the positions of middle, top management and professional staff departments mainly of industrial enterprises.

Structure of the new study program Industrial Systems Management


Doctoral study programme Production and Material Engineering

Field Industrial Systems Management

The Department of Enterprise Management and Economics is the co-guarantor of the doctoral study field Industrial Systems Management – doctoral study programme Production and Material Engineering. Graduate of PhD studies gains Ph.D. The doctoral study program is designed for graduates of a master's degree program in technical, economic or ideal technical-economic orientation and is another, higher and more demanding form of education. Doctoral students are trained to solve the most demanding tasks of applied science and practice. PhD students deepen their knowledge in selected areas, participate in projects that are solved in the Institute and also in teaching. They present the results of their activities at conferences and usually also attend internships at foreign workplaces. However, their main focus is on the successful elaborating and defense of the dissertation. The doctoral study program is three-year study program.
Additional information regarding study programs:  Ing. Miroslav Žilka, Ph.D.