Department of Management and Economics

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Experts Trained for Managing Industrial Enterprises

The Department of Management and Economics trains experts for the medium and top management of industrial enterprises. The content and process of education is based on consistent integration of technical, managerial and economic knowledge and skills. The synergy of technical and economic education creates a highly demanded professional profile of the graduates, who can find jobs both in economic and technical production and in marketing and logistic departments of enterprises.

Cooperation with Enterprises, research and scientific activities

Research of the department and cooperation with the sphere of practice is focused mainly the field of analyses, simulations and optimization of enterprise processes, analyses of life cycle of products, assessment of sustainability of enterprise development, technical and economical assessment of investment and development projects, market analyses and analyses of competitiveness of the enterprise.

The Department cooperated for example on the project SHYMAN „Sustainable Hydrothermal Manufacturing of Nanomaterials“ focused on the development of new technology for the production of nanomaterials, on the SKOTRANS project focused on the development of transport elements in the context of the circular economy or on the project of „GAČR“ called „Designing experiments in the field of development of products and multi-factor optimization. In cooperation with businesses and other entities, the Institute has also worked on a study on the impact of digitalization and robotization on the workforce or a study on the development of the market for refractory products.

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