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Research Activities

Scientific and research activities of the department are divided primarily into five basic areas:

Life cycle management of products and sustainable business development

Research in the field of management of life cycle of products focuses on modelling of lifecycle of products, identification and analysis of whole-life cost of products associated with the development, design, production preparation, production, operation, maintenance and disposal of the product, creation of analytical techniques and methodologies to support management life-cycle costs products. An important part of the research is also identifying relationships between the cost of producers and users and links between technical parameters of products and production processes, and lifecycle costs of products. The department also performs analysis of life cycle impact of products on the environment (Life Cycle Assessment - LCA) and their application in so-called EcoDesign.

Research in the field of sustainable business development is focused on the design and procedures for creating basic concepts of sustainable business development, methods of measurement and comparison of the values of sustainability, analyse organizational requirements of design and sustainability strategy, identifying key competencies necessary to create sustainable values integrating economics, social and environmental performance of the company.

Modelling of production and logistics systems and processes

Within the field of modelling the department addresses the design of new and existing analysis and optimization of production and logistics systems and processes. For this purpose, it uses modern software tools "digital factory". Use of this tool enables in particular to shorten the time for design, faster start-up of production, shortening lead times of production, increase productivity and cost savings (financial and operating), higher resource utilization, saving space and equipment, etc. An integral part of the projects implemented in this area is the actual final evaluation of financial and non-financial benefits. At present, the department also focuses on the evaluation of the flexibility of production systems.

Management of market and cost efficiency of production and product innovations

Given the globalization, which brings substantial increase in competition and the "shortened" distances, and given the relatively unstable business environment where good economic periods alternate with worse ones, it is necessary more than ever to deal with manufacturing and product innovation. Professional activities of the department is in this regard concentrated in three main areas:
  1. Market analysis - analysis of demand and associated key factors of success, analysis of potential suppliers and customers in terms of their financial and non-financial situation, recommendation of the most appropriate strategy for entering new markets, proposal for marketing strategies, etc.
  2. Cost Analysis - assessment of economic impacts of production and product innovations, economic comparison of different technical solutions, performing sensitivity analysis, etc.
  3. Project management – recommendation for methodology for the management of production and product innovation, in particular e.g. in connection with Target costing method.

Introducing the tools of Lean Management

In the field of Lean Management, the department specializes in the implementation of the following tools and techniques: 5S, SMED, Kanban, VSM, Kaizen, TPM, but also others. The department also provides trainings in this area. In connection with Lean Manufacturing the department analyses and optimization of ergonomics of workplaces of both manufacturing and assembly workplaces as well as offices.

Controlling of business processes

Controlling is a comprehensive approach to business management. The key is integrating connections between all functional areas, but also defining processes, respectively activities and other entities in the enterprise management system. Another key element is interaction of management methods and tools for effective management of corporate entities. The task of controlling is also to emphasize the link between management and economic calculations.


There are more areas and topics of professional activities of the department. Please contact for further information: Ing. Miroslav Žilka, Ph.D. 
Possibilities and forms of cooperation

  • Project solutions.
  • Participation of your experts in teaching.
  • Assignment and professional support for bachelor's, master's and doctoral theses.
  • Student internships.
  • Training of your employees (combined form of Bachelor, Master and Doctoral Studies).
  • Cooperation in the creation and innovation of study programs.
  • The Department has special software equipment for project solutions.

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