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Materials Engineering

Materials engineering is a combined theoretical and application field utilizing knowledge, approaches and theory of physics, mechanics, technology, chemistry, biomechanics and other fields aimed at understanding the essentials of processes which occur in the structure of material.

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The Department of Materials Engineering widely cooperates with other universities, research organizations and industrial companies on a national and international level. It also helps to solve many current problems within expert activities, grants and projects. Within the scope of the project “Innovation Centre for Diagnostics and Application of Materials“ (ICDAM) the experimental equipment of the department was extensively modernized and extended with modern experimental technologies. The Centre administers the department´s laboratories and is thus responsible for all technical issues in research and development within the scope of projects and cooperation with industry. The globally unique production technology of duplex PVD coating and modern laboratory technology enables development and study of new materials. The state of the art equipment of the department enabled its closer contacts with the application sphere, participation in scientific projects and expansion of international cooperation and start of activities in new fields of material research such as, e.g. functional coatings and composite materials. Students are actively involved in investigation of research and development projects of the department. They can work with up to date technologies and be prepared to deal with demanding development tasks