Jaroslav Fojt

Ing. Jaroslav Fojt

Jaroslav.Fojt (at) fs.cvut.cz

room: B2-242, Dejvice

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Journal papers


  • Surface pre-treatments of Ti-Nb-Zr-Ta beta titanium alloy: The effect of chemical, electrochemical and ion sputter etching on morphology, residual stress, corrosion stability and the MG-63 cell response – Vlčák, P. - Fojt, J. - Koller, J. - Drahokoupil, J., - Smola, V., Results in Physics. 2021, 28 1-11. ISSN 2211-3797.


  • Influence of surface pre-treatment with mechanical polishing, chemical, electrochemical and ion sputter etching on the surface properties, corrosion resistance and MG-63 cell colonization of commercially pure titanium – Vlčák, P. - Fojt, J. - Drahokoupil, J. - Březina, V. - Šepitka, J. - Horažďovský, T. - Mikšovský, J. - Černý, F. - Lebeda, M., - Haubner, M., Materials Science and Engineering C, Biomimetic and Supramolecular Systems. 2020, 115 ISSN 1873-0191.


  • The effect of nitrogen saturation on the corrosion behaviour of Ti-35Nb-7Zr-5Ta beta titanium alloy nitrided by ion implantation – Vlčák, P. - Fojt, J. - Weiss, Z. - Kopeček, J., - Peřina, V., Surface and Coatings Technology. 2019, 358 144-152. ISSN 0257-8972.