Center of Aviation and Space research

About us

Center of international excellence focusing on problem-oriented interdisciplinary research in aerospace and aeronautic.

The Center was established in 2016, consolidating activities, strong track record and advanced infrastructure in the forefront scientific area of aerospace and aeronautic research undertaken at the Faculty of Mechanical Engineering (FME) at the Czech Technical University in Prague. Personnel involved in the Center’s activities are well recognized experts in the field of continuous mechanics, aerospace research and simulation, undertaking their research through FME units including the Center of Advanced Aerospace Technology (CAAT), Institute of Mathematics, Institute of Mechanics, Biomechanics and Mechatronics, Institute of Aerospace Engineering and other FME institutes. Bringing together expert from within FME together with the engagement of external research institutions offers the maximum concentration of expertise and professional capabilities within the field of aerospace and related disciplines in the Czech Republic.


  • The Center utilises cutting-edge equipment and unique infrastructure that will be based at three destinations – CTU Campus Prague 6 – Dejvice, Czech Aerospace Research Centre Prague 9 – Letnany, and Hradec Kralove Airport.

  • Dynamometric test cell for turboprop engine, located in Prague 9 – Letnany,  is a state-of-the-art testing laboratory of aircraft engines with a power output of up to 2000 kW allowing to monitor and capture not only the vibration characteristics of each part of the aviation engine but also the characteristics of all engine operating parameters (temperature and pressure fields, power, consumption, noise, etc.) site for turboprop engine research and testing at a stationary site.

  • The Center will open four additional test laboratories – two mobile propeller test stand laboratories for turboprop engine, core test cell for turboprop engine laboratory, and flying test bed laboratory. These unique testing sites are currently under development and due to open for operation in later 2019.

  • In addition, the Center utilises FME‘s laboratories equipped with test and measuring equipment for static and dynamic strength tests of material samples as well as drone units, devices for stress analysis, non-destructive testing and investigation of dynamic characteristics of shape-complicated structures, SW and HW equipment of the corresponding level.