Department of Mechanics, Biomechanics and Mechatronics

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Research Activities

Limit states of materials and structures

It is a key discipline to test the strength, durability and reliability. They are caused by changes in the materials caused by the load. They are so complex that their mechanisms cannot be described precisely. An engineering approach is based on the phenomenological models that focus more on result than on the core.

Material fatigue

Is a degradation process at changeable loading. The dependence of the number of cycles to fracture on loading is determined experimentally and is applied in the numerical analysis of lifetime. We carry out research on criteria of fatigue, for example, taking into account the multi-axial stress or in contact with friction - fretting.

Malleable disruption

It is applied especially for simulation calculations for constructions in emergency situations, after crossing the strength such as impact tests, falls of containers for nuclear fuel, plastic collapse of structures. The purpose is to design structures with more attention to the impact of accidents or natural disasters. The implementation of modern techniques of setting and simulation of limit states increases reliability of design of parts, e.g. containers for nuclear fuel, shafts and blades of rotating machinery, gearing, pressure vessels and others. We cooperate with businesses and research organizations (Skoda JS a.s., ČZ a.s., Doosan Skoda Power, VZLÚ Praha, Aero Vodochody a.s., LA Composite, etc.).

Use of advanced materials to achieve better properties of structures

New materials often allow to significantly improve the properties of structures. Their safe implementation requires new knowledge and practices in the design and control of strength of components. Therefore, we monitor and try to contribute to the development of analytical and numerical methods of design and optimization of fiberglass and carbon composite and hybrid structures. In this area there is a significant involvement in the activities of the Centre of Competence for Engineering production technology and cooperation with companies such as TOS Kurim, Skoda Machine Tool, a.s., Kovosvit MAS a.s.,, TOS Varnsdorf a.s.,. Among the successes is worth mentioning the hybrid ram for machine tool (in cooperation with Tajmac -ZPS a.s.) or development of lightweight body for electrobuses (under joint grant for Technology Agency of the Czech Republic and SOR Libchavy spol. s.r.o.)