Department of Designing and Machine Components

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Basic information about the Department of Designing and Machine Components


The task of the department is to train universally educated designers who will find jobs in a broad spectrum of engineering companies. The department provides lectures on both bachelor and master study programme levels and education is based on the project activity of students..

Projects always last 1 semester and can be related either one to another or be complementary among a larger number of students. They are assigned mainly in cooperation with enterprises which in this way establish close contacts with students and open ways to their rapid professional development.

Thus it is very common that the students already during their studies conclude a contract on cooperation with companies which gives them certainty they will, after graduating, get a job.

Research and Development

Besides the presented educational student project activity the second mainstream of work the department is engaged in includes expertise for consultancy and performance, dynamometric and tensiometric measurement or forensic expert opinions. Companies also use the laboratories and computer technology to finish the development of their products or to test the effect of changes of the design of existing products.