WAVE – your way to energy

Publikováno: 13. 12. 2015

Ing. James Maščuch, Ph.D., of the University Center of Energy-Efficient Buildings CTU, recieved award in the “Idea” category from the hands of Pavel Bělobrádek, Deputy Prime Minister for science, research and innovation, on 1 October during a gala awards ceremony E.ON GLOBE AWARD. He and his team developed a micro-powerplant to produce electricity and heat from biomass.

In the Idea category, unrealized projects at the stage of ideas are being evaluated. The WAVE micro-powerplant is able to cover the needs for heat and power for homes, small businesses, large residential complexes, office buildings, and schools. It is fueled by biomass - wood chips or pellets. The aim of the project is to develop a cheap device, based on the Rankine Cycle principle (ORC), which is able to compete in price with automatic boilers and can also significantly improve the attractiveness of biomass for small consumers.
Compared to existing technologies, the WAVE facility will have several major advantages: the device allows use of virtually any type of fuel and it is affordable and easy to use micro-powerplant.

WAVE focuses its activities on:

  • recycling industrial waste heat
  • transforming unused sources to electricity
  • micro-CHP – combined heat and power production at the smallest scale
  • on-ste energy generation without distribution losses

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